Parent All-Call 7/26/20

Good evening,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I will begin to call our community each Sunday evening to provide updates and new information regarding the reopening of school in August.

I want to remind everyone that our plan may change before August 24. New information is available every day and things are changing rapidly. This is where we are today, and I appreciate your patience and support.

  1. Please let us know if you are enrolling in Eagle Online and if you are planning to ride the bus next year through Final Forms. This information is important as we plan for next year.
  2. A list of frequently asked questions will be posted this week, this will be updated weekly for your planning
  3. I want to address the hybrid schedule for grades 7-12 and Green/Gold teams- I spoke to many parents last Thursday and Friday about this issue and have decided to schedule each team on specific days of the week for easier planning for all families. 
    1. For example, The green team will attend school every Monday and Tuesday and the Gold team will attend school every Wednesday and Thursday. Every Friday will rotate between a green day and gold day.
    2. These teams will be divided by alphabet once we know how many students are going to enroll through Eagle Online
    3. This was great input from parents and I appreciate the conversations last week
  4. School begins Monday, August 24 for students in grades 1-12. Kindergarten students begin the following week on a staggered start schedule- the calendar is posted online here
  5. Air conditioning was another hot topic since the plan was released. I am very aware of some buildings not having air and I will take that into consideration this fall with students and staff wearing masks and extreme temperatures. 

Finally, I want to address the entire community about some of the comments and responses I have read regarding our plan. First, every district in Ohio is dealing with this pandemic and trying to ensure students get back to school safely. There is no perfect plan in Ohio. How we respond and treat each other is important as we move forward. I understand not everyone will agree with the plan, but my approach since the beginning is to ensure your child and our staff is safe as we navigate through COVID-19. Tearing each other down is not going to resolve the pandemic and will only make the reopening more difficult. Many districts in Ohio are implementing the hybrid approach and some are going completely online to begin the year. I am trying to find a balance, get our kids back to school safely, and adjust along the way based on the health and wellness in our community. I remain committed to this approach and will work tirelessly to keep this community safe.

In closing, I urge everyone to join together and support their friends, neighbors, and school district.  No one has ever experienced what you are going through right now and we have many students watching and reading how we respond to each other.  I choose to be positive and commit to working with our community as we reopen the Plain Local Schools in August.

Go Eagles!

Brent May

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