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Ohio Teacher Leader Liaison

Ohio Teacher Leader Liaison

Congratulations to Avondale Literacy Specialist, Jessica Lauer for being selected for participation as an Ohio Teacher Leader Liaison with the Ohio Teacher Leader Network! 

Ohio Teacher Leader Liaisons make a two-year commitment to volunteer, participate in professional development, and engage in two-way communications and feedback with the Department related to current and future education topics that support Future Forward Ohio.  

Network members are currently engaged in some form of formal or informal teacher leadership at the local or state level, hold an Ohio teaching license, and are willing to work collaboratively with the Department and stakeholders. Teacher Leader Liaisons gain knowledge and skills related to trust-building, communications and feedback, and use of data as well as acquiring an understanding of state government roles and processes related to education. 

From the Ohio Teacher Leadership Framework

Teacher leaders are teachers who, while remaining in the classroom, take on additional leadership responsibilities beyond their own classroom with other teachers as well as district, state, and national leaders, to advance the profession with the ultimate goal of enhancing student success. Teacher leaders contribute to their educational community through their support of professional learning, involvement in decision-making, and improved instructional practice (Katzenmeyer & Moller, 2009; Wenner & Campbell, 2017). This contribution can take on various forms in day-to-day activities but remains centered on the idea of leading from the classroom while collaborating with colleagues to influence the larger educational community. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Lauer!