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During the 2019-2020 school year the district held numerous community focus groups about the future direction of Plain Local Schools. District representatives met with parents, students, teachers, community organizations, and the Board of Education. 

The goal was to engage our community, and create a 3-5 year plan that will provide direction and focus for the Plain Local School District. The entire process focused on attaining the thoughts and opinions of the district. After that work was completed, the district met and analyzed all data and comments from the community. 

Based on all stakeholder information, the following seven goal areas were created for the Plain Local Strategic Plan:

  • Goal #1 - Academic Achievement (Achieve)
  • Goal #2 - Communications & Community Integration (Connect)
  • Goal #3 - Facilities/Safety & Security (Build. Maintain. Secure)
  • Goal #4 - Climate, Culture & Wellness (Welcoming & Healthy)
  • Goal #5 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity
  • (Understand. Celebrate. Belong)
  • Goal #6 - Finances (Responsible & Transparent)
  • Goal #7 - Business Operations/Human Resources (Efficient & Effective)

Development of each of the goal areas has already begun across the district. Benchmarks and target dates have been defined to ensure we continue to make this plan the complete focus of our work for the next 3-5 years.

My commitment to the community is to communicate our progress, along with projects and initiatives that align with your comments and vision for the school district. In addition, we have created a link on our web site to keep the entire community updated on our progress.  You can find that information at In closing, I want to thank our entire community for their commitment to make Plain Local Schools the best district in Stark County. We have a great community, and the value increases with a strong and high performing school district. 


Brent May