Welcome to Plain Local Schools

Dear Plain Local Community, 

Welcome back! The entire family in Plain Local is excited to welcome your children back for another exciting school year. We have been busy planning for the classroom and have updated numerous facilities across the district. Also, we have added new staff members to the team that are ready to enhance the entire experience for your child in the district.

I am proud to welcome five additional Stark County Sheriff Deputies to the school district. They will work closely with staff and families to ensure a safe learning environment for every adult and student in Plain Local. I would like to thank Sheriff Maier for his continued support of the Plain Local School District. Our partnership is unique, and we are honored to work closely with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office. We will also welcome Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health to GlenOak High School. They will open a full service office in September to service our entire Plain Local family. There will be mental health counselors in each building and access to these services will be easier with this new partnership. We are committed to providing services and access to the “Whole Family”. I encourage you to call any of our buildings to inquire about services and how to begin the process.

Finally, I have provided some tips as we start another school year. I have been asked throughout the community for ideas and suggestions to assist children with their wellness. I hope you will take time as a family to discuss these ideas and implement what works well for your family.
• Students should sleep without cell phones in their bedroom. They need consistent and uninterrupted sleep for at least 7-9 hours.
• Limit screen time for your child. Time with family and playing outdoors is important for their social and emotional wellness.
• Know what your child is posting on social media. It is the single most critical issue that schools are facing each day. Social media creates stress for students and can negatively impact their school experience and overall wellness. Students need to disconnect at some point during their day.
• If you hear or see something unusual, please contact any school or use the Safe Schools Tip Line at 877-361-6343. We will investigate immediately with proper school officials and law enforcement as needed.
• Ensure all weapons are locked securely in a safe place. The district can assist you with securing locks if needed. Please call the district office at 330-492-3500.

I look forward to another exciting year in Plain Local. We are here to serve you so please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time.

Go Eagles!

Brent May