Written Test Security Plan

Last Updated: 9/28/2021 7:47 PM

The District Test Security Procedures ensure all involved that there are purposeful and specific procedures in place to ensure the security and accurate delivery and reporting of your child’s state assessments.  If you have any questions about this summary document, please contact your child’s building principal or district test coordinator Jenna Steinberg at 330.491.3877.

Per Ohio Administrative Code 3301-13-05, the district is required to develop and maintain District Test Security Procedures and make them available to parents and students.  These procedures, as they pertain to students and staff, are summarized below. Plain Local Schools will post the security procedures on our website as well as distribute to all staff.  Additional security training will be conducted by the district test coordinator on the District Test Security Procedures as well as the written procedures set forth by the Ohio Department of Education.

Authorized Personnel 
The Plain Local School District appoints a district test coordinator (DTC) and building test coordinator (BTC) at each building who are responsible for handling and tracking test materials before, during and after published testing windows. Additionally, licensed professionals in the buildings receive specific and targeted training in order to be prepared to administer state assessments.  

Handling and Tracking Procedures for Secure Test Materials
The district test coordinator is responsible for ordering and providing all secure test materials. As secure materials arrive in the district, the district test coordinator conducts an inventory of all materials, prepares and securely delivers materials to the appropriate buildings. The building test coordinator(s) are responsible for the security and distribution of test materials at the building level. When testing is completed, the building test coordinator(s) conduct an inventory of materials then package and arrange for the secure return of materials to the district test coordinator. Any required materials are then returned to the testing company for scoring.

Test Security Violations
Immediately upon notification of an alleged test security violation, unethical testing practice or violation of the district’s test security procedures, the district test coordinator (DTC) should be notified. The district test coordinator (DTC)will notify the Superintendent and conduct an investigation.  Within 10 days of concluding the investigation, the district shall notify the Office of Assessment at the Ohio Department of Education in writing the findings of the alleged violation as well as any action taken by the school district

Security violations before or during a test administration:

  • Reviewing a test’s content or student answers
  • Using a student’s login information to access test content 
  • Reviewing the test and creating a study guide or reviewing with students 
  • Describing the test questions in an e-mail or discussing the test questions with anyone
  • Coaching a student in any manner 
  • Leaving students unattended during testing for any amount of time

After the test administration:

  • Posting any portion of the test content, verbatim or paraphrased, and/or a student response on social media before, during or after the test administration;
  • Marking or changing a student’s response 
  • Failing to collect and securely shred any scratch paper that was provided and used
  • Failing to account for and return any secure paper test materials
  • Discussing test questions after the test has been administered
  • Describing the test questions in an e-mail or discussing the test questions with anyone

Consequences for an employee of a confirmed test violation will be investigated by the district.  Each situation will be reviewed for possible consequences.

Test Invalidations
A test invalidation is required when a test has been compromised by a student, test administrator or unauthorized party to the test administration. Invalidating a student’s test cancels the student’s test opportunity. After an alleged testing violation the situation will be investigated by the district. Upon the findings the DTC will contact the Office of Assessment as needed and follow their recommendations for an invalidation.  The student is subject to school disciplinary action and the results of their test may be invalidated. 

Electronic Device and Social Media Policy
All student personal electronic devices, other than the testing device, should not be brought into the testing locations. Any personal electronic devices students have will be required to power off and then turned into the Test Administrator prior to testing. This includes cell phones, smart  watches, tablets and any other electronic device.  No student is permitted to use a cell phone or other electronic device during test administration.  Students with a device during testing are cause for an invalidation. Students will receive their devices back as they exit the testing location. Staff are permitted to use their cell phone for medical and technological emergencies, as a timekeeper or other test related actions. If any test questions, passages or prompts have been posted on any social medium, the district must immediately contact the Office of Assessment. This is a test security violation. The student’s test opportunity is over, and the test needs to be invalidated. No breach test is allowed.






Added 9/28/2021