Individual Professional Development Plan FAQ

Individual Professional Development Plans

Who needs to complete an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)?

  • Anyone who holds a permanent license
  • Anyone who holds a 5-year license

When is my plan due?
Plans must be submitted by May 31 of your license renewal year.

Where do I send my IPDP for approval?

Send your plan to Denise Leone at Central Office. She will forward your plan to the appropriate committee.

What if I’m new to Plain but have an IPDP from another district?

  • Obtain a signed release form from your previous district and submit the release to PARC.
  • The required release form can be obtained from the ODE websiteThe release should list the number of CEUs and/or credit hours earned under the plan from your previous district.
  • Complete a Plain Local plan and submit it to PARC, so that it aligns to your license renewal dates. Example: If your license expires in three years, you should write a three year plan with ending dates aligned to those of your current license.
  • This process needs to be completed within the first month of employment.

How does this work for Resident Educators?

  • REs do not have to create an IPDP until they have their 5-year professional license.
  • REs do not have to complete coursework to renew their license. The RE program is your professional development.

What if I am leaving Plain Local and want to transfer my IPDP to another district?

Download which can be obtained from the ODE website. Submit the release form to PARC/LPDC. This will be completed and returned to you. 

When is my IPDP due?

IPDPs should be aligned to license dates with the beginning/ending dates of your plan being the effective/expiration dates of your license.

What if I hold two or more licenses?

IPDP should be completed based upon your current assignment.

What are the steps to completing my IPDP?

  • Download and complete the cover sheet that can be found under the “Staff Resources”, “PARC/LPDC/CEU Info”, dropdown menu the Plain Local Homepage. This document should be completed electronically and printed for submission.
  • Select and print the appropriate goal for your current position.
  • Double-check: Be sure that dates of plan are aligned to dates of license.
  • Send hard copies of the following to Denise Leone at Central Office:
    • Completed cover sheet, signed and dated.
    • District Goal page

What happens next?

PARC will act on your plan and return it with notification of approval or revision needed.

Does the district keep a copy of my IPDP?

NO! The only copy of your IPDP will be returned to you. Plain Local Schools is not responsible for maintaining a copy of your IPDP. It is your professional responsibility to keep current records of all paperwork returned to you. PARC/LPDC recommends that you keep a personal file of all of your professional records.

If I am unable to find answers for other questions, what should I do?

If after reviewing this document, your questions are still unanswered, we suggest the following:

  • Review all of the links provided on the PLS website under “Staff Resources”, “PARC/LPDC/CEU Info”.
  • Contact a committee member as listed.
  • Contact Brian Matthews at Central Office.