CEUs Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 6/23/2020 1:26 PM

Continuing Education Units/Credit Hours for License Renewal

What is a Continuing Education Unit (CEU)?
Continuing Education Units can be used to renew your professional teaching license. CEUs are awarded through participation in workshops and district activities.

  • A CEU options chart is available under “Staff Resources - PARC/LPDC - CEUs”

  • 10 Contact Hours = (1) CEU

  • 3 CEUs = (1) college credit hour

    • 6 credit hours or 18 CEUs (or a combination of both) are required to renew a license

How do I know if work I completed is eligible for CEUs?

  • Look at the CEU Options Chart. Click here to access. This document will tell you which professional activities are eligible for CEUs.

  • Professional activities completed must apply to your current licensure/position.

When should I submit my CEU requests?
Upon completion of professional activity is best, however, you could also submit at the end of each year. Do not wait until license renewal to submit all of your CEU requests!

What are the steps to requesting a CEU?        

When can I earn CEUs for license renewal?
CEUs completed since the issuance of the license to be renewed can be used to renew your license. 

Example: If your current license issuance date is June 10, 2014 and it is effective from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019, all CEU activities will need to be completed between June 10, 2014 and June 30, 2019 to be eligible to be used toward renewal of your license.

What if I am renewing my license using credit hours?
Official transcripts should be sent to Michele Rivard at Central Office. No other documents are required.

How do I know that a college/university is accredited for licensure renewal?
In some instances, online courses through universities may only be used for CEU graduate credit and not graduate credit hours for salary advancement. Plain Local Schools advises its employees to verify with Michele Rivard before registering for any online program. Plain Local School District is not responsible for any loss of credit/payment due to lack of verification.

Can I use both CEUs and college credit hours for license renewal?
Yes. Any combination equaling 18 CEUs/6 credit hours is acceptable toward renewal.

Example: You may have 9 CEUs and 3 credit hours that can be submitted for license renewal. However, you may NOT receive CEU and college credit for the same activity/workshop.

Does the district keep a copy of my approved CEUs?

NO! Your CEU requests will be archived in the Professional Learning Portal. Plain Local Schools is not responsible for maintaining a copy of your CEUs. It is your professional responsibility to keep current records of all paperwork returned to you. PARC/LPDC recommends that you keep a personal file of all of your professional records.

If I am unable to find answers for other questions, what should I do?

If after reviewing this document, your questions are still unanswered, we suggest the following:

  • Review all of the links provided on the PLS website under “Staff” PARC/LPDC.

  • Contact a committee member as listed.

  • Contact Brian Matthews at Central Office.