Plain Paper Advertising

The Plain Paper is the only publication designed to deliver news and information about our community to every household and business in our community. 

The Plain Paper is mailed directly to nearly 29,000 homes and businesses in the greater Plain Township six times a year. In addition to all of Plain Township, this circulation covers areas including sections of North Canton City, Canton City, Lake, and Jackson Townships. With an estimated readership well over 81,000 people, your promotion is sure to be seen by a diverse population of decision makers that can use your products and services at home and around the office. If you are interesting in running an ad with the Plain Paper, please contact Michelle Stahleker at 330-323-2993 or email: for pricing. 

Plain Paper Submission Schedule
The Plain Paper will be printed six times during the school year. Below is a list of dates that submissions need to be turned in by: 


Tentative Mail Date: 

Submissions Due: 


August 13

July 27


September 24

September 7


November 19

November 2


January 14

December 21


April 8

March 22


June 17

May 31


Digital Specifications
For best results, digital artwork should be supplied conforming to the following specifications.
• Images should be EPS, JPG, PDF, TIF format
• 300 dpi resolution at full size.
• All screen and printer fonts should be included and images must be embedded.
• Plain Paper has the capability to read files created in most popular software titles, however, some conversion may be required to make artwork con - form to the above specifications.
• Plain Local Schools, and any affiliates cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies in reproduction of files not conforming to the above specifications.

For more information please contact Michelle Stahleker at 330-323-2993 or email:

Federal Law prohibits Plain Paper from carrying ads containing insurance, credit cards, and travel agents. The Plain Local Schools Board of Education reserves the right to reject any press release or advertisement based on content. All advertising art and editorial content is copyright protected and cannot be used without express written permission. The publisher and its affiliates are not liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the ad.