Plain Paper Submission Guidelines

Last Updated: 6/29/2021 6:23 PM

Plain Paper Submission Schedule

The Plain Paper will be printed six times during the school year. Below is a list of dates that submissions need to be turned in by: 


   Tentative Mail Date: 

   Submissions Due: 


August 23

August 6


September 27

September 10


November 22

October 29


January 24

January 7


April 5

March 18


June 13

May 27


Plain Paper Submission Guidelines

  • All articles submitted must be typed and submitted as an email attachment. Word documents are preferred.  PDFs/scans/text messages etc. will not be accepted.
  • Email submissions to:
  • Please include this subject formatting for any submission. Do not send submissions as reply’s to emails unrelated. Please send a new email with the Subject: “Month of Submission Plain Paper” ex: August Plain Paper
  • Please read your articles carefully and make any needed corrections before submitting. Please check spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and tense used.
  • All articles and pictures MUST arrive on or before the deadline listed above otherwise there is no guarantee they will get published.
  • Photos MUST be sent as the highest resolution possible. If you are sending from a cell phone you must attach the photo to the email do not paste it into the document, do not text photos.
  • Please include the names of anyone pictured in your attachment with the names left to right. Photos without names in order will not be used.
  • Verify that all students have a signed media release in their appropriate school office, PRIOR to submitting their photo. Do not send any photos of students who do not have a media release.
  • It will be at least two weeks AFTER the deadline before the paper is delivered. Please consider this when including information on upcoming events. Ideally, readers prefer to read about UPCOMING events rather than seeing a review of something that took place in the past. If you would like to discuss something that has already occurred, consider using a group of nice photos that tell your story.

Please note that the PR Director will use discretion for any items submitted that do not represent Plain Local Schools appropriately. 

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