Innovative program for Plain Local students in grades 7 & 8

This unique STEM middle school program offers students the opportunity to participate in hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities taught by Oakwood Middle School faculty trained in problem based learning.

STEM is an approach to education in which teachers construct a learning environment where students learn through experimentation, discussion, discovery, design, problem solving, and collaboration. Instead of focusing only on content, there is a greater emphasis on student engagement in real-world problems and experiences and experiential learning activities that promote higher-order thinking skills.

The goals of the STEM Academy are to:

• Engage middle-school students through hands-on activities while providing a proven path to academic and professional success in STEM fields.
• Offer students the tools to apply what they learn in math and science classes to real-world problems, showing them the relevancy of what they are learning. 
• Focus on project-based learning program emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and innovative reasoning, while fostering a love of learning.

Evolution of Thought

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Plain Local School District continues to seek businesses, community organizations and foundations interested in partnering with the district in the development and enhancement of the STEM Academy.


Several sponsorship levels are available to showcase support for STEM education and demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of learning in these areas. Sponsors will reach members of our community, educators, business leaders and future employees as we strengthen our efforts to increase STEM education and opportunities for our students.


Please feel free to contact us at, communications coordinator Karen Vrabec at 330-492-3500 or Principal Brian Matthews at 330-491-3790 to discuss the various sponsorship opportunities.