24 Hour Attendance Report Line

Last Updated: 7/14/2021 3:24 PM

GlenOak High School 24-Hour Attendance Report Line 

For your convenience, you can report an absence, tardy or early dismissal using the following 24-hour attendance lines. 

9th Grade Academy 

  • Attendance Line: 330-491-3831
  • House Secretary: 330-491-3945

*Grades 10-12 are organized by Student's Last Name 

Last Name beginning with A-Da 

  • Attendance Line: 330-491-3811
  • House Secretary: 330-491-3872

Last Name beginning with Db-M

  • Attendance Line: 330-491-3821
  • House Secretary: 330-491-3837

Last Name beginning with N-Z

  • Attendance Line: 330-491-3841
  • House Secretary: 330-491-3907

Attendance Reminders: Students should be called off to their Academy Secretary by 8:00 am the morning of the absence. If no call is received, a note to excuse the absence must be brought in the next day. No make-up work is permitted for an Unexcused Absence.

Parent ID for pick-up: In the event there is a building-wide dismissal during the school day, parents are required to have identification when they pick their son or daughter up at school.