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October 26, 2021 

Dear Plain Local Families,

I am sure that many of you may have read or heard that the Ohio Department of Health has provided schools with updated guidance on quarantines as a result of COVID-19 exposure. Tonight at our regularly scheduled board of education meeting, Board President, Dr. Ambrose Perduk shared a statement regarding Plain Local School's response to this updated guidance. 

From the start of this pandemic, we have always trusted the recommendations of the experts at our state and local health departments, our stance is no different as a result of this most recent recommendation. 

Effective immediately Plain Local Schools will institute the Ohio Department of Health’s Mask to Stay/Test to Play guidance. This guidance is simple, if a student is exposed to COVID-19 at school, they must wear a mask for 14 days but are able to continue to attend school in person. Additionally, if a student is exposed during athletics or other school-sponsored extracurricular activities, the student must wear a mask when able to and take a COVID-19 test on initial notification of exposure. Please take a moment to review the entire document from the Ohio Department of Health. While mask-wearing is still strongly encouraged in all of our schools, it will be optional going forward unless you have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Please keep in mind, that even though this is a change in protocols the best way to combat COVID-19 in our community is by physical distance, proper mask-wearing, and getting vaccinated. Please continue to be diligent with your family's health so we can stay in school. Please also note that wearing a mask on the school bus is federally mandated and will continue to be required for those students riding the bus. 

If you have specific questions regarding this update, please visit our website to review our updated Frequently Asked Questions.

To read the guidance in detail, click here: /userfiles/835/my files/k-12-schools-quarantine-alternative.pdf?id=561669


Go Eagles!

Brent May
Brent May



Please note: All guidelines are subject to change and will be reviewed continuously to ensure cooperation with State and Local Health Department mandates and recommendations. Questions? Contact us at 330-492-3500.