Fine Arts

GlenOak High School emphasizes the importance of the fine arts as part of the basic core curriculum for all students.  Arts education includes courses in instrumental music, vocal music, dance, visual art, and drama/theater and encompasses instruction based on creating and performing the arts, understanding their cultural and historical contents, and knowing how to analyze, critique, and judge works of art.

SPECIALIZATION IN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS through the Fine Arts Program of GlenOak High School is designed to meet the special needs of students in the arts.  A student may specialize by earning a total of 4 credits in Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Vocal or Instrumental Music in grades 9-12.  Because of the special nature of the arts curriculum, students wishing to complete a specialization program must take a minimum of two semesters of fine arts coursework each year and complete the fourth level of the recommended sequence of study.  Students in the Vocal or Instrumental Music Specialization must also complete an additional 1/2 credit of Music Theory; students in the Visual Art Specialization must also complete an additional 1/2 credit of Art History. Ninth grade students wishing to pursue a specialization in a given area must contact their counselor to determine their scope and sequence.                       

            Art Survey                                                  Enriched Art I

            Art Survey II                                               Enriched Art II

            Art Survey III                                              Enriched Art III

            Art History I, II                                            Dance

            Freshman Choir                                         Publication Arts

            Concert Band/Marching Band                    Drama I, II, III, IV

            String Ensemble                                         Art Appreciation

            AP Studio Art                                              Music Appreciation

            Treble Chorus                                             Women’s Chorus

            Concert Choir                                              Chorale

             Notables                                                      Drifters           

             Music Theory                                                 
             Intro to Arts & Communications Careers