Race To The Top

Plain Local's Race To The Top Plan

Plain Local Schools was awarded federal dollars from the state of Ohio for the educational reform program "Race To The Top." The four-year plan was developed to improve the quality of instruction for all students. A team has been established to develop a plan for how the Plain Local School District will utilize the dollars for professional development

Over the next four years, we plan to:

  • Increase high school graduation rates by .5% per year
  • Reduce graduation rate gaps by 50%
  • Reduce performance gaps by 50%
  • Reduce the gap between Ohio and the best-performing state in the nation by 50%
  • More than double the increase in college enrollment for 18 and 19 year olds

What are the most pressing issues in each of the four assurance areas?

1. The need for immediate professional development on the new Ohio Content/Common Standards

2. The need to implement a systemic approach to increase students’ reading and writing skills across all contents to improve achievement

3. The need to transition curriculum and instruction from 2002 Ohio Content Standards to the new Ohio Content/Common Core Standards

4. The need to create common formative and summative assessments that are aligned to the new Ohio Content/Common Core Standards

5. The need to align instructional practices in grades 5-8

6. The need to examine the realignment of grades K-4

7. The need to reduce the percentage of students who need remediation when they get to college and to increase high school graduation rates to 100%, extending the school year for students, implementing credit flexibility opportunities for students, and aligning instruction and intervention with ACT College Readiness Standards

8. The need to create partnerships with community organizations, institutions of higher learning, and business partners to provide students with opportunities to engage in field experiences such as internships, externships and mentorships

How will we look different in 2014?

  1. New organizational structure with our building configuration- (K-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12)
  2. The 7/8 building will focus on college readiness
  3. Curriculum will align to the ACT standards and each assessment, formative and summative, will reflect the ACT

Community partnerships will be developed:

  1. Annual community conversations
  2. Build consensus with stakeholders
  3. Build relationships with Plain Township Board of Trustees, parents, staff, students, Faith in Plain, business leaders, Plain Local Foundation and PLTA
  4. New partnerships with Mercy Medical Center
  5. Use technology-based communication tools with community to remain transparent
  6. Integrate the new Resident Educator program
  7. Implement the new/revised state standards
  8. College readiness standards will be incorporated into our middle/high school
  9. All formative and summative assessments will be placed in our IIS tool
  10. Global Scholar
  11. Students will take online assessments in all subject areas by 2014
  12. Professional Learning Communities will be fully designed and implemented by 2014
  13. Provide value-added training to all certified staff and administration

Year One

  • Become familiar with new standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Participate in professional development opportunities on new standards
  • Use the curriculum models and the crosswalk documents to begin analyzing current curriculum for needed changes

Year Two

  • Ensure all educators are familiar with the state standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Conduct curriculum crosswalk activities in English Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies in the district and building levels
  • Continue revising/rewriting curriculum and assessment to new state standards
  • Continue evaluating current assessments’ alignment with the new state standards
  • Continue evaluating current syllabi and pacing guides

Year Three

  • Provide professional development for online assessments
  • Provide professional development on expanded KRAL program
  • Complete transitions to new state standards curriculum and assessments
  • Continue development of Capstone Project expectations at the junior level

Year Four

  • Ensure implementation of new state standards, curriculum and instruction/assessments
  • Staff will begin utilizing online assessments
  • Ensure all K teachers administer expanded KRAL assessment
  • Value-added data will be utilized by teachers at available grade levels to improve instruction and student achievement
  • Community partners will assess student performance on a final
  • Capstone portfolio/presentation near the end of the student’s senior year



Race To The Top Planning team


  1. Molly Egner
  2. Bobbi Scott
  3. Nicole Vaughn
  4. Rita Walbeck
  5. David Frederick
  6. Sherri Burkins
  7. Jamey Wooley
  8. Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa
  9. Brian Richeson

Administrative Staff

  1. Brent May
  2. Mike Labriola
  3. Dave Pilati
  4. Mark Parent
  5. Deb Nicodemo
  6. Brian Matthews
  7. Leigh Anne Kummer
  8. Tamiko Hatcher
  9. Michael Milford
  10. Scott Esporite