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Alphabet Goop

Stir the goop and then match what comes out to one of two letters

ABC Introduction

For Pre-school. Introduce child to the letters of the alphabet.

ABC Ordering

Very good activity that asks what letter comes next with immediate feedback

ABCD Watermelon

Listen to the letters and tell what letter comes next.


Alphabet Bears

Alphabetize the bears.

Loosey Goosey Rhymes

Loosey Goosey letters keep falling off the words. Try to guess what letters are missing

Alphabet Match

Match capital to small letter. Find the Mommy (or Daddy) Kangaroo for each joey

Blending Bowl

Football players blend beginning sounds and ending sounds together to produce the word. See if your student can figure out the word before the two collide!


Chicken Coop

Play in the "Chicken Coop" and practice phoneme matching.

Fishing for Phonics

Select a level; find the missing beginning or ending sound and drag the card into the missing space.

Make a Word

Find the vowel that fits in the CVC word to make a new word.


Orson’s Waller Blending

Phoneme Blending - Match word that Orson says to the object.

Shapes and Colors

(Pre-school) Identify shapes and colors.

Sesame Street Games

Practice letters, shapes, rhyming words and a whole lot more.


How Tall

Introduction to measuring objects.


Count Your Chickens

Practice counting the chickens on the screen.


123 Order

What number comes next?

Mr. Elephant’s Matching Game

Flip over two cards to find a matching pair.

How Does Your Garden Grow

Complete the pattern.


Learning shapes by dragging the shape to where it fits.

Banana  411

The Man with the Yellow Hat calls out numbers of increasing length that players have to dial. When players successfully dial the correct phone number they get to watch a funny video clip of George and his pals as a reward.


Flo and Zoe Sort it Out

Sort objects by color and shapes.